A Most Unnecessary Five Iron Frenzy Box Set Reaction by: Brandon Jones

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This dumpster fire of a box set is sure to break the wallets of Five Iron fans across the world but also allow existing Five Iron vinyl owners to customize their order options and buy what they really need, food! Enough with that inflation, what we need is good old crappy third wave ska punk in vinyl format! The most exciting part for myself is the addition of “The End is Near” on vinyl for the first time plus “Proof That The Youth Are Revolting” and a really cool B-Sides record chock full of songs no one cares about. Well, except for “Kamikaze”, “Cross of Saint Andrew”, “Rhubarb Pie”, and I’m praying for some covers and other jams like “Mamma Mia”.

This video hits hard, like as hard as a heavy bag of garbage falling into a flaming dumpster of trash. In all seriousness though, (if there is such a thing with regards to the band FIF) this extremely well done and quite hilarious video is heavy on the laughs and equally on nostalgia. I caught myself laughing hysterically while watching and found myself crying out immense tears of joy.

To own every Five Iron Frenzy in a unique vinyl package is pretty close to amazing if you ask me. Every single full length is being pressed on different color vinyl options and also in black for your emos out there. I’m personally excited to own these releases on vinyl (some for a 2nd time) which I’m guessing are going to be even better in quality than the first pressings a few years ago.

Overall, this is a nicely arranged and produced concept unlike I’ve seen ANYWHERE ELSE! Where else can you get your own mini-dumpster and throw old garbage and vinyl records you don’t care about along with other unsightly trash. Grab this collection of vinyl because I’m sure, The End is Near!

If you’re wondering what this is all about well click here to order your stinky pile of trash in vinyl format and break those wallets!

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