Radical Radical - Misfit Toys (Official Music Video)

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Adam Lohrbach of Home Grown fame returns with his latest creation, Radical Radical. He dropped his debut song titled “Misfit Toys” which is a wild, nostalgia driven ride through pop-punk soundscapes and grasping close at those heart strings. You can find this new song in music video format which fully expresses the joy, the hope, the past, and the future all rolled up into one tasty song meant to inspire. If you dig pop-punk of old with a little “EMOtion” thrown in for good measure all the while sharing this story from Adam’s view point, well then “Misfit Toys” is for you. I present to you the debut music video for “Misfit Toys”. Check it out below. Buy limited edition merch from Radical Radical right here. It also looks like a 7″ featuring this song and a synthwave remix of it on the B side, is coming soon.

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