Pantokrator - We The People (Official Music Video)

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Swedish Death Metal band, Pantokrator, are back with a brand new song titled “We The People” off the album “Marching Out of Babylon” due out January 29th via Nordic Mission. Pre-Order the album in several different formats including CD, Vinyl, and Tape, right here. This is quality stuff my friends and showcases a band that straddles the line between the brutally heavy and melodic. It’s like a battle between darkness and light but in music format. Check them out.

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January 12, 2021 1:50 pm

This is a message and a song I can get behind! “We’ve traded freedom for security” is spot on! Where are other bands such as this with the fortitude to stand against the encroaching tyranny being perpetrated upon the world via COVID-19? Kudos to Pantokrator for this timely anthem! We do indeed have a choice, to “lay down or to rebel!”. This is a clarion call for an uprising against the LIES and PROPAGANDA! Refuse the test/mask/vaccine! Think for yourself and turn off the TV and ALL “news” media!

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