for KING & COUNTRY - For God is With Us (Music Video)

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The indie-pop-rock group known as for KING & COUNTRY, are back with a brand new song and accompanying music video, “For God Is With Us”. This song will appear on the band’s upcoming 4th full length release. Watching the band from a personal perspective last night at the So Cal Harvest Crusade was simply mesmerizing. They may fall into that “CCM” category by writers, journalists, and hipster music aficionados but make no mistake, these gentlemen are an entertaining and talented bunch. It is music of substance with a purpose to not only reach your heart but to also get your blood pumping faster and your body moving to the beat. They have a focus and that focus is to share hope, peace, and understanding that Faith can and will mix well with music. Every generation has that music act with the it factor and one that can reach across all spectrums of styles and music preference to draw you in. I believe for KING & COUNTRY are that band and without a doubt, Album IV will be the catalyst toward even more worldwide acclaim. Drop your jaded cynicism and just enjoy the music, it doesn’t bite and it certainly can’t hurt to enjoy a good song. Bravo, Gentlemen!

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