Little Hurricane

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An interview with Anthony Catalano of Little Hurricane
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Written by: Brandon Jones of Indie Vision Music

BrandonIVM: It’s been a few years since the dissolving of Next in Line and it appeared to many that you had gone silent with your music projects. Then all of a sudden comes word that you had begun a new blues-rock project called “Little Hurricane” and suddenly you’re being thrust into the limelight again. Tell me a little bit about this new project of yours and how it differs from the past material of your former band. How long have you been working on the songs found on “Homewrecker”, your new album?

yes.. little hurricane is a [as we call it] dirty-blues duo.. two of us.. “CC” (drummer) and myself “Tone”.. it is very different from Next In Line.. mainly, the style of music is blues influenced and Next In Line was more pop based.

BrandonIVM: How did you meet “CC” , your drummer, and how did you two get involved with Little Hurricane? Is your songwriting more of a joint collaboration? Who writes the lyrics?

we actually met via craigslist.. both of us were looking for other musicians to start a project with.. I tried out a few different drummers but with her it just clicked.. and we each contribute with the lyrics..

BrandonIVM: Who produced “homewrecker” and what your overall experience like working in the studio?

Our album was self-produced and recorded all over the place.. but mainly in San Diego, Seattle and San Francisco.

BrandonIVM: With this new album, it appears that you two have gone the independent route, tell me a little bit about this situation and what it means for the future of Little Hurricane?

Well, ya.. if you want to make new music and get it out there for people to hear, you have to do it yourself.. you can’t wait for someone to do it for you..

BrandonIVM: What has been the overall response to the album “Homewrecker”? What are some of the fans reporting back to you as their favorite songs from the record?

The feedback has been great.. we’re glad people seem to enjoy the songs like we do.. it’s strange, but everyone that we talked with liked different tracks.. maybe they each had one they identify with more? I don’t know..

BrandonIVM: Tell me a bit about what your favorite songs on the record are? Lyrically, what are you faves?

I personally like “haunted heart” and “crocodile tears”

BrandonIVM: What does the name Little Hurricane mean to you? Was there a certain significance to the name or was it just randomly chosen? What about the name of your new album “Homewrecker”?

little hurricane- a destructive sound/powerful force from just two people.. the album is titled after the song we have called “homewrecker”

BrandonIVM: How did big radio pick up on your songs? Do you have a servicing firm working for you or is it just simply word of mouth?

we’re not paying anyone.. if that is what you’re asking..

BrandonIVM: What has been the biggest struggle both musically and personally, in creating the music of Little Hurricane?

leaving my dog while traveling..

BrandonIVM: On a personal level, how do you feel that Faith impacts the music you create? Is there a certain spiritual aspect to your songs, implied or otherwise?

I wouldn’t say that we are a “spiritual band”.. our songs are blends of truth and fiction..

BrandonIVM: As songwriters, what are your biggest influences both musically and personally? Which artist(s) impact your songwriting in a powerful and profound manner?

we we’re both in jazz band in high school..

BrandonIVM: In the past year, what 5 albums were the most influential in your life? Are there any favorite new releases that you’ve been getting into lately?

hmm.. not sure I have an answer for that question..

BrandonIVM: So can it be said that you have pretty much put your punk rock side to rest? Is that influence dead in your songwriting repertoire?

I think as my music (playing and writing) progressed I started to reach back to my jazz band days when I first started playing guitar.. nothing against punk rock- I think a good song is a good song.. im just trying to find the best way to convey it..

BrandonIVM: I have heard that many of your local shows have been SOLD OUT meaning that you have somehow in just one year, managed to get enough interest in your group that fans are showing up in droves to check out Little Hurricane! What has the publicity been like for your band? What is it like playing a sold out gig after only being together for a year or so?

We’ve definitely been putting our new music out there.. but we also had been playing live shows for a year before releasing our first recording.. with making our live show the priority, we found our sound AND our fans. We are overwhelmed with the love San Diego has given us.. again, the response has been really great.. and we are having a blast playing our dirty blues for the peeps..

BrandonIVM: Will there be any upcoming “Tours” outside the great state of California and do you plan to hit the road full time as rock n’ rollers? What bands will you tour with or will tour with you? Are you planning on starting as an opening band on these upcoming tours?

We just got back from sxsw in Austin.. and before that Portland and Seattle.. we plan on sticking to the southwest part of the country this summer and who knows after?

BrandonIVM: Are you playing Coachella this year and if so, what stage/time?

no :(..  but strange however, I am replying to you from Coachella.. where I’m recording the main stage for Goldenvoice..

BrandonIVM: How did you get 91X to start playing your music during their daily schedule? Will KROQ be next? Any other Radio Stations nationwide that have begun playing your tunes?

hmm, we sent it to them, they like it I guess.. not sure about nationwide? but stations in Peru and Spain are spinning it.. 🙂

BrandonIVM: “Homewrecker” is available on CD at your shows and digitally worldwide through iTunes/Amazon. Any chance for a “Vinyl” only release in the near future? Will the CD be sold anywhere else online or just at your shows?

A few people have asked for Vinyl recently.. so I guess we need to look into it..?

BrandonIVM:  If, a major label approaches you two with a deal, would you sign it? Is a major label contract in your future goals as a band?

our goal is to keep playing music.. when we get to a point where we need help we’ll cross that bridge I suppose..

BrandonIVM: In a dream scenario, what band or bands would you ideally like to go out on a nationwide tour with?

the beatles.. they seem like fun fellas

BrandonIVM: How can us, the fans, best support your new music endeavor? Any prayer requests or immediate needs? Well this about concludes our interview and I thank you for taking the time out to answer my questions. I know for you this has been a long time coming to reach this level of success and you certainly deserve it after all these years. Take care and we’ll talk again soon.

well, there’s the obvious (buy our cd / come to shows).. but if you dig it then tell your friends.. you can say [google: little hurricane].. 🙂

thanks Brandon!