The Votes Are In.....

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The Votes are in, Barack Obama has been re-elected as President of the United States of America. Whether you love him or hate him, let’s put all that behind us and focus on our Faith and Love for one another. I am personally glad to finally have breathing room when watching TV without being force fed all these different political commercials and ads. It’s over and now the next 4 years begin (to go downhill, lol).

2012 has been a tremendous year for music and we can all be thankful that so many great bands have stuck together (or reunited) to bring us one hit record after another. Seriously, I have like close to 1000 songs in my “Best of 2012” Playlist. I will of course narrow that list down in time for our end of the year thing but for now, I just have so many good tunes to listen to. I am very much looking forward to the year 2013 in music and have a feeling that it’ll be an even bigger year than 2012 has been (cough Five Iron Frenzy cough).

So for the rest of the year, let’s just focus on our relationship with God and each other, placing our political viewpoints (and/or disagreements) behind us. We’re here for the MUSIC so let’s discuss that and it’s sheer force of power to command us into a particular mood and influence our thoughts at any given time. Music is a wonderful thing, so let’s sing it’s praises, LITERALLY! I love you guys and gals. Take care and have a wonderful rest of the week.

-Brandon Jones
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