The Passing of Ted Kirkpatrick (Tourniquet) 1960-2022

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It is with a heavy heart and coming seemingly from a never ending stream of bad news of late, that we report the passing of Ted Kirkpatrick who has become the face and man behind the legendary metal band – Tourniquet. Ted Kirkpatrick was a founding member of the long running band, drummer, songwriter, animal rights supporter, thinker, seeker, and a man of God. Ted passed from IPF, Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis which is a rare and terminal lung disease. While it is certainly tragic especially amongst news of several other recent Christian musician deaths, we know that Ted has gone home to be with the Lord where he is jamming with Michael Bloodgood, Keith Green, Rich Mullins, Gene Eugene, Larry Norman, Kaleb Luebchow, and so many others gone too soon. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Kirkpatrick family and if you would like to help the family with the high medical costs they’ve accrued, click here for the GoFundMe. Ted Kirkpatrck 1960-2022.

All I want for you it to remember this
Never will I turn my back on you
This world will lie to you and take you for a ride
How can I protect you from this path
Only God can show you that the lights in life burn fast
Never forsake you precious days of youth

I promise I will do my best for you
Listen to me and I will listen too

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August 20, 2022 11:14 am

Wow. This is shocking. Ted was one of my drumming heroes when I was a teen in the 90’s. I still have a signed VHS tape of his drum solos. My prayers for his family.

August 21, 2022 1:32 pm

A Sad day. Lost such a great Musician here on Earth but glory to God heaven gained another Awesome Musician. Now He’s jamming with Jesus and not just for Him!! Wahoo!
Looking forward to hanging w Ted for eternity!

Jim Naysium
Jim Naysium
August 21, 2022 11:25 am

This is indeed sad. I don’t listen to as much Tourniquet as I perhaps should (and as many of my friends do), but I enjoyed what I’ve heard of them – a good bit of it, anyway.

Rest in peace, Ted Kirkpatrick.

August 22, 2022 2:53 pm

Wow. A legend.

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