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Happy 10 year anniversary to the Dismissed “Taking the Good With the Bad Album”, released in March of 2003 on Indie Vision Music. Not too many people know who this band was but they held a special place in my heart. I once saw them open up for Fall Out Boy to a venue of maybe 100 people max in 2003. It’s funny when you think of where one band went and the direction of the other band. I’ve learned a lot in 10 years but I still look back with fondness on those Dismissed guys and their music. RIP Dismissed. If you want to download Dismissed “The Complete Collection” click here or Kings to You “The Antidote” (name change after Dismissed) click here. Read more of my story, below.

It’s hard to believe that it has been 10 years since I released the Dismissed album on CD through the Indie Vision Music Record Label. A lot has changed in 10 years, we have all grown up, some have gotten married, started families of their own and basically moved on from that part in our lives. I too have learned a great deal from those early days spending money and burning through what little I had till there was none left and having debt call my name. I first met the guys in Dismissed at a Church I was going to here in Orange County, CA. back in the beginning of last decade. Instead of dragging this story out, I’ll just cut to the chase. I booked band a few times, helped them connect with Scott Silletta of Vanishing Point Records. Scott recorded two Dismissed songs in 2001, one of which ended up on my compilation “I’m Your Biggest Fan Vol. 2” (for Tooth & Nail). Scott passed on band, thought they needed more work, band persevered and pushed forward entering a studio at their own expense and eventually passing me finished songs. I enjoyed songs, talked to band at Mexican food place here all shook hands and decided to release “Taking the Good With the Bad” on CD in March of 2003. Got brief distribution for IVM and they took most of my CDs. Decided instead of repressing more CDs, I would get artwork redone and remastered to have a little “re-release” in the fall of 2003. Distribution went south, after a lot of begging and correspondence, was able to get my money and original CDs back towards the end of 2003 just as I was going to “re-release” the Dismissed album. Messy. Anyway, lovely group of guys, very young at the time when their CD released. Signed a bunch of other bands haphazardly in 2003-2004 then cut Dismissed loose and went my own direction with the label/site eventually closing it down (temporarily). Dismissed entered a studio again in 2004 with new drummer, Joel Piper (Confide/Solo/Oliviatheband) and recorded a 4 song ep that we released for FREE Digitally in mid-2004. Joel left the band, they found new drummer, re-grouped, changed name to “Kings to You” released “The Antidote” then just disappeared. They will forever be missed.

You can learn a lot from individuals you come in contact throughout your lifetime and just being in contact with Dave Arthur (Vocals/Guitar) and the boys during that time of my life was a special thing. They were unique individuals with a sound not at all like so many bands of their time period. They weren’t “pop-punk”, they weren’t “emo”, they weren’t “post-hardcore”, or “metal”, they were just a strange blend of melody and rock sensibility that seemed to click for me. They weren’t some “preachy” band here to save your soul with an altar call but Dave’s humility and humble nature really left people feeling comfortable and touched in a way that some in your face hardcore preaching segment wouldn’t accomplish. I am proud that I had the opportunity during this early period of IVM to work with the band and run a “label” for 2 years. It was a definite learning experience and something I wouldn’t trade for the world.

Now that my concert booking experience and label management days are pretty much over and I have hit a recent retirement period for those activities, I’ll always hold tight to my memories and the emotional connection that begun more than 10 years ago. “Taking the Good With the Bad” may not have been a Grammy award winning album, a Platinum selling release, or even achieved worldwide critical acclaim, but for that brief period of my life the rewards from passionate fans are all I need. We all take steps through this life and for me, releasing Dismissed “Taking the Good With the Bad” served as a few steps on this long journey of life that I’ll forever be grateful for.

Watching the guys in Dismissed open for Fall Out Boy in 2003 to a room of maybe 100 kids was a memory I’ll take with me forever. I remember watching those guys pass on their CD to Pete Wentz and seeing them chat it up. It’s crazy to look back on that now and see the direction FOB have taken and where Dismissed ended up. A lot can change in 10 years.

So join with me today as we wish a very happy 10 year anniversary to an album most of you didn’t know existed, “Taking the Good With the Bad” and let’s remember the good times we all shared.

God Bless, thanks for reading and especially thank you for supporting me and the guys on this crazy journey the past 10+ years through IVM. I am eternally grateful to you friends, readers, and supporters who have stuck with me all these years and even the noobs who’ve just now discovered this great resource that IVM is. You are greatly appreciated.

-Brandon Jones
Indie Vision Music

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