Song of the Day: Pantokrator - The Order of Melchisedec

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This Swedish death metal band formed in 1996, and has been active ever since. They immediately began recording cassette demos, initially focusing on traditional death metal and morphing over time into more a melodic and progressive take on the genre. Of course, Sweden is known for its melodeath sound, centered in Gothenburg, but Pantokrator are from the opposite side of the southern peninsula.

Lyrically the band tend to feature songs about biblical mysteries, not your typical Christian metal fare. Rather than topics of salvation and judgment, they tell stories about obscure characters like the Nephilim, the legendary and quasi-biblical Lilith, and Melchisedec, featured here.

Choosing a feature song from the band is very difficult because one could pick nearly anything from their immense catalog. My favorite album of theirs is 2007’s Aurum, where it seems they perfected their melodic DM sound. The production is nearly flawless–nice and heavy, but crisp and clean at the same time. I’m picking this track only because it’s the one I’m listening to at the moment!

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dan druff
dan druff
January 14, 2023 6:07 am

another great one, these guys are awesome

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