Song of the Day: Eyes of the Defiled - Buried as Saints

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Eyes of the Defiled was a deathcore band (death metal + metalcore) from Maryland. Information about the band is scarce, but it appears that they formed in the early 2010s, putting out their debut EP in 2012 before signing with Vision of God Records, for 2016’s Distant Tellings album. They were also involved in almost every installment of the Christian Deathcore compilations on Bandcamp.

The band’s sound focused on traditional deathcore–heavy riffs, often in a breakdown style, the occasional melodic lead guitar, and lots of pig squeal-type vocals that are associated with the genre. Lyrics were forward about the band’s Christian faith, but also uncomfortably honest at times, in terms of the struggles of the Christian life. There certainly was never any pretense about living a holier-than-thou life.

Although no official breakup has been announced, the band’s Facebook account went quiet a couple of years ago, leading fans to assume they have stopped making music. “Buried as Saints” is taken from their debut EP, Derived from Misery, but it’s next to impossible to find out more information about this release. Luckily for fans, you can still get the full-length CD from Vision of God Records, or download the Christian Deathcore compilations via Bandcamp (for free).

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