Song of the Day: Deliverance - No Love

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Metalheads are divided over whether the subgenre dubbed “speed metal” actually exists or not. Often confused with shred metal and/or Neo-classical (yes, those guys play fast, but that’s not the same thing), it’s almost synonymous with thrash except there are often clean vocals and/or slightly cleaner guitars.

In the Christian scene, the most obvious examples are the seminal and fantastic Valor, Tourniquet’s early work (also adding a progressive element) and the mighty Deliverance. While Deliverance has flirted with a lot of different styles (speed/thrash, gothic metal, alternative metal, groove, etc.), I’m particularly drawn to the band’s early work, specifically their debut.

On 1989’s eponymous release, the band played fast and heavy with lots of tempo changes, yet they were very different from their thrash peers in Vengeance Rising, Believer, or The Crucified in that they relied on the high-pitched pipes of Jimmy Brown, who borrowed more from Geoff Tate than James Hetfield.

The whole album is fantastic, but “No Love” is a standout track with its melodic twin-guitar breakdown.


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