Black Cherry Soda - Your Alibi

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Who likes Black Chery Soda? 2 choices-Pop punk band or the drink. Band is from PA & lasted almost the whole 90s time period. They had a few songs that hit “Christian” radio & I’ve always liked this one the best.

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Loyd Harp
November 30, 2022 6:56 pm

I was just listening to this CD earlier this week!

Tim Ramgren
Tim Ramgren
December 2, 2022 3:56 am

Great band! I was in on them from the ground floor. Bought their first two underground cassettes at True Tunes Record store in Wheaton IL! Anyone remember True Tunes? Only Christian record store I ever saw. Sweet place.

Brandon J.
December 2, 2022 10:57 pm
Reply to  Tim Ramgren

I don’t know about the True Tunes store because I’ve always been west coast but i remember John’s website. He is still running and a cool podcast. When I was young, I’d always visit different Christian stores around our area. We had several both mom & pops and chains. I worked at my favorite one called Sonshine Christian Store but it sadly went out of business in the early 2000s along with the remaining Christian bookstores. In So Cal I bet Hobby Lobby is the only place that would carry most of the merch but to get music stuff,… Read more »

Loyd Harp
December 6, 2022 5:32 am
Reply to  Tim Ramgren

The only other dedicated Christian record store that I knew of, not including Christian bookstores that had a music section, was Slacker 66. It was in Birmingham, AL and run by Chad Johnson of Takehold/Come and Live/Furnace Fest.

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