Song of the Day: Wolves At The Gate - Man of Sorrows

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Keeping it more current because I’m known to wallow in 90’s and early 00’s nostalgia. It is time to step forward in time a little. Does 2012 count as more current? I mean it is only 8 years ago, right? Well Wolves At The Gate have been making quality music for more than a decade and have released 4 nearly perfect full length albums (+ several eps and a covers ep) in their careers with Solid State Records. The band has churned out one solid hit after another and yet go somewhat unnoticed by the mainstream crowd which is perfectly fine with me. I mean how else do we discover the music we enjoy than by hitting the underground scene when our friends/loved ones are busy staring at their screens for the latest spoon fed music news stories. Right? Most of us don’t like being told what to listen to or who to enjoy so we take it upon ourselves to find something new, refreshing, and in the case of this band – spiritually engaging. The band’s first full length record with Solid State was “Captors” and featured this song, “Man of Sorrows” as the closer on a near perfect album. If there was any soundtrack for Easter and specifically resurrection Sunday, this song would be it! It is over 5 minutes worth of beautiful words, biblical words, put to the sounds of post-hardcore. I spoke a little about “Worship” in the last “Song of the Day” post about Further Seems Forever “For All We Know” and this song continues that theme. It’s a song simply about the life, death, and resurrection of our savior, Jesus Christ. Beautiful song filled with haunting melodies, perfectly placed aggression to emphasize that passionate cry out for our God to save us. “Man of Sorrows” is simply a song about Jesus taking all the pain and brokenness of a hurting world upon himself and nailing it to that cross to redeem us in his blood. The interesting thing is that this song always shows up in those Spotify created “Daily Mixes” and I honestly didn’t listen to it as much in the beginning as I do now. Make sure to check out the band’s latest full length, “Eclipse”, which is available now through Solid State Records.

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