Song of the Day: Five Iron Frenzy - You Gotta Get Up

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When Happy Christmas Vol. 1 hit my ears, I was pleasantly and delightfully impressed. It had some of my favorite bands at the time doing their best versions of Christmas classics. One of those songs was “You Gotta Get Up” by Five Iron Frenzy which was originally composed by Rich Mullins (RIP). The song is a playful tune with a bouncy rhythm and plenty of holiday cheer, perfect for the Christmas season. Well placed horn section and Reese’s unforgettable voice, I mean that in the most sincere way. Whatever you may think about Five Iron, you can’t deny the influence of the group and the impact their music has made on ska and punk fans across the globe. I’ll sit right here in my chair playing “You Gotta Get Up” as Christmas Eve arrives this evening. Play this loud and live out 1998 the best way you way can by blasting alternative Christmas Music! Stay tuned for a couple more of these through tomorrow…

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