Song of the Day: Fanmail - I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

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Another Song of The Day from the great Happy Christmas series of the late 90’s. The first 3 Volumes still remain some of my favorite “Christmas” collections of songs, by far. My song of the day, which is the 2nd today, Christmas Eve. Fanmail came out swinging with a punk rock classic done with their (now) classic sound. Scott Silletta (Ex-Plankeye) was always in his best element by showing a bit of edge behind the guitar and mic. This song is certainly no exception to that rule. I love the classic, old song and this version is certainly one of my favorites. It meshes super well with MXPX “Christmas Day” which is the 1st track on this Happy Christmas Vol. 2 compilation from 1999. Scott’s gruff, edgy, and super-punk voice serves as a focal point along with some great power chord playing from a talented assortment of players. The song is a sweet message of love and joy all packaged up in a melodic punk rock package. Fanmail would go on to release an EP and 2 full lengths before calling it quits. This song serves as a perfect highlight of Fanmail’s best efforts. Thank you Scott, thank you Fanmail, thank you Plankeye, and thank you Brandon Ebel (and T&N/BEC) for this rad collection of tunes. Merry Christmas (Eve)!

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