Let's Be Clear..........IVM Is Not a Spawn of the Occult

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I need to be clear about something. Neither myself, the graphic artists (Benaiah Clothing), or any staff member at IVM are into Illuminati, Free Masonry, or any other “Occult” type organization. The “new” logo was simply chosen because I thought it looked cool and I dug the colors/design. There is no deep hidden meaning behind the lightning bolt eye other than it representing our “Vision” (Indie VISION Music). I’ve been hearing some complaints and/or confusion relating to our new logo. It is NOT the all seeing eye or anything silly like that. It’s really sad that I even have to explain this to people. Oh well, have fun with your speculations. lol. I have heard a few comments over the past few months (including one comment stuck in our moderation right now) about our new logo and people thinking it has something to do with the All Seeing Eye or something incredibly foolish like that. Why would I myself, a Christian, ever want to promote the occult on this website? The answer is never. Indie Vision Music exists as an outlet to share positive faith based Christian music with an unbelieving and often cynical world. Our “Vision” if you will is to promote great independent artists who struggle to share their music, message, and ministry with a world beyond major labels and the conglomerates that run the music industry. Sometimes it’s tough to break through into this industry and we hope that our site and others like it, will inspire you to check out new music. To inspire and lead others to find hope in Jesus. Independent Music. Independent Vision. Period.

Thanks for reading and supporting us continually through our site and beyond. We hope you’ll be encouraged by the music found here and that ultimately the peace of God will dwell deep in your soul.

God Bless.

-Brandon Jones/IVM

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