Have you heard of Homonovux?

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Homonovux is a Spanish Christian punk band from Yucatan, Mexico. FFO: Metanoia, Dogwood, and good old punk rock!

Little is known about this fairly new Christian punk band out of Yucatan, Mexico. The only current info is that they are a 3 maybe 4 piece. They are influenced by great bands such as Dogwood, Metanoia, and Novaprole. They’ve been around for the past couple of years. Lastly, they have a love for Christ.

They just released a 4 song EP about 3 months ago entitled “Ya estas listo para esto”. Translated: “You are ready for this”. It includes 2 originals, a cover of Metanoia’s “No Me Averguenzo” and a Spanish version of Dogwood’s “Do or Die”. It’s currently available for a “Name Your Price” on their bandcamp page below.

Enjoy, Stay safe, and Christ bless you!

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