The Bearded Dragon's Sampler: 3rd Times a Charm

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Hey y’all. I got something for ya. So, some of you may not know. I am the author a blog titled The Bearded Dragon’s Metal. The name the Bearded Dragon is sort of a nickname of mine and I had already planned on doing a blog, so when coming up with a name, The Bearded Dragon’s Metal was my favorite. Anyways, what I do is post about bands that haven’t/didn’t hit their stride. Some bands that I have “helped” (I use that term loosely) a bit would include As Earth Fades, What We Do in Secret, Saints Can Lie and Death Requisite. Know, I say help but these bands were great before I found them and great after I found them. I just helped promote them a little bit. So I have been releasing samplers to promote these bands more and help my site. I have released two so far with a tracklisting that includes all of the previously mentioned bands and many more. Today, I have released the third sampler, which features some bands that you’ve heard of. And some you may have not. The best thing is: It’s FREE! So if you would be so kind to go download the new sampler, or any of the previous ones, it would be much appreciated. Thank you to the labels and bands that sent me tracks for this. Link to the sampler is below!

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