A Message to Our Readers: Please Comment

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I have decided to come to your our readers for a little feedback on content here at IndieVisionMusic. If you’ve seen our twitter you may have noticed a tweet from myself about scaling back CCM coverage here. Our focus at IVM has always been on independent Christian artists/musicians/bands/songwriters and that fervor hasn’t changed since day one. However, in the past year or so we have been increasing our coverage of more, how do I say this politely, mainstream Christian music. Now there is nothing wrong with covering a mainstream market but does it really fit the focus of “Indie” Vision Music? That’s my question to all of you. Would you want us to scale back our coverage of certain markets? Is there any content you’d like to see more of here at IVM? What can we do to improve our website and keep you reading a long at work, home, or on the go? Please be kind in the comments and offer constructive ideas for us to consider. Thank you for all the support over the years and I look forward to an even brighter future developing this tight knit community.