5 Christian Metal Bands You May Not Have Heard Of (80's/90's Version)

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Today, I am posting a list of Christian Metal bands from the old days that aren’t mentioned very often when talking about Christian metal. Most of them tend to be Nu-metal, ironically, even though the 90’s was the time for Nu-Metal/Rapcore.

5. Oficina G3

Oficina G3 is a Christian prog metal act from the late 80’s. Forming in 1987, the band began as a heavy metal/hard rock band, influenced by Stryper and Petra, but progressed into a Progressive metal/nu-metal/metalcore-ish band. This band was most likely thrown out, due to this period, when the Christian thrash scene had just hit it’s stride, with the Big 4 of the Christian scene: Deliverance, Vengeance Rising, Tourniquet and Believer.oficina-g3

4. Justifide

Justifide was Christian nu-metal band from Arizona that formed in 1999. The band was signed to Ardent Records, a label that had Christian metal bands such as Skillet and Jonah33, which is most likely why they were overlooked. The band had potential but disbanded in 2006. In recent days, (2014) the band released their Vault Sessions, almost undoubtedly a Prince reference. Members are now in another Christian nu metal band called Reform the Resistance.


3. Rod Laver

.Rod Laver (.rodlaver) was a Christian rap metal/rapcore band that sounded like Korn and Limp Bizkit but only got promotion through Christian magazines and websites, such as HM Magazine, 7ball, and Christianity Today. The band formed in Los Angeles, and because of this, it probably affected their popularity, as almost every metal/hardcore band comes from California in some capacity. (That last bit is my opinion, there’s like three Christian metal bands that are popular in my State and all the other bands I like seem to be from the West Coast). One of the band’s members was none other than Jason Martin of Starflyer 59 fame on drums.


2. Travail

It’s interesting how this band always gets left out. Travail is the Christian metalcore/rapcore band that formed around 1998-1999. The only way people may know the band is probably the split EP they did with Luti-Kriss, a.k.a. Norma Jean. The interesting thing is another way people would probably know them would be Guitarist Aaron Wiese joining the band Spoken. The band disbanded circa 2001-2002. Unfortunately there isn’t much info on when they formed or when they broke up, so I’m guessing based on when their music was released.travail

1. Heaven’s Force

I totally understand how this band ends up being thrown out. The band, Heaven’s Force, is thought to be the first Christian thrash metal band. Pre-The Crucified (1984), Believer (1986), Vengeance Rising (1987), Tourniquet (1989), Deliverance (1985), and Living Sacrifice (1989). The band started in 1983, same year as Megadeth, and recorded two demos. The band disbanded in 1984. In 2009, there was some activity with the band, when Open Grave Records released both of their demos as a compilation. Unfortunately, the only reason there was activity was due to guitarist Chris Richie committing suicide. After that, it was made clear Heaven’s Force was done for good. RIP 2008.


Notable mentions: Echo Hollow, LVL, Narcissus

These bands tend to be overlooked in the scene. I hope that encourages you, the readers, to look these bands up, research them, and maybe even buy their music.

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Nathan Lansford
Nathan Lansford
November 5, 2022 7:01 pm

Messiah Force’s 1987 *The Last Day* album. Incredibly unknown, yet undeniably METAL band & with Lynn Renaud, a full-fledged female lead singer! Truly rare for Christian Metal, at the time.

They were like the Christian Warlock & were from Quebec, Canada.

November 23, 2016 12:06 am

Ahhh this brings me back to the countless hours of searching for Christian nu-metal/rapcore bands. Travail, Justifide, .rod laver, I needed this list five, six years ago! These 5 Down was another one, not sure if they fell into the 90’s though, maybe early 2000’s. Didn’t know about Reform the Resistance though, they sound pretty good on first listen

June 15, 2017 7:19 am
Reply to  Mark

– Echo Hollow – Echocast – Echoes The Fall – LVL – Starflyer 59 – Lastwatch – AllAboveMe – Icon For Hire – Light Up The Darkness – Lacy Sturm – Estoria – Of Eyes That See – Evanescence – Amy lee – Ashes of Erin – Barlow Girl – CR33 – Modern Day John – One Minute Halo – TRIGGERSOUL – Pillar – Stigmata – See The Light – .rod laver – Manafest – 3rd Day Rising – 40 DT – Machina – No Inocent Victim – Atomic Opera – Awake – Blackhouse – Believer – Blindside – Born… Read more »

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