Poema – Sing it Now

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Poema – Sing it Now
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Artist: Homework Helper Phone Number.
Album: Sing it Now (Ep)
Label: Buy Online College Modern Essay Book.
Release Date: 3/23/10
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1. 2AM
2. City Boy
3. Feel the Same Way
4. Echo Off the Sky
5. Safe to Say
6. Blue Sweater

When I first heard the demos they had on myspace, I was pleasantly surprised and impressed with the two sisters, Elle and Shealeen Puckett. Their sound was refreshing, introspective, and very “chill” so to say. So you could imagine my thrill when T&N sent me this album for review a few months ago. Sorry it took so long to review this, I’ve been buried by family duties and a ton of new music. So anyway, about this album….

The “Sing it Now” ep begins with the sweeping emotional upper, “2AM” which just so happens to be this group’s lead single. The song is a solid introspective number about teenage love (much like the rest of the album). Aaron Sprinkle’s production definitely adds weight to this simple song, and the subtle nuances of the backing instruments lifts this melodramatic love story. I am sensing elements of Taylor Swift’s songwriting and I’m not knocking Poema at all, it’s actually a complement.

“City Boy” is the next track on this 6 song ep. Another love story about you guessed it, a “City Boy”. Teenage dreaming indeed. Another track that benefits from Mr. Aaron Sprinkle’s production and backing instruments.

“Feel the Same Way” is the third track on the ep and is more of a piano led ballad about teenage love and longing to be together.

“Echo Off The Sky” has more piano and some strings as well. Reference to their album title “Sing it Now” is found in the chorus to this song.

“Safe to Say” is the 5th track on this release and sounds similar to the others. Simple yes, but melodic and to the point.

Finally the album closes with “Blue Sweater” which is a sweet humble ballad about longing for that special loved one.

Now here is where I offer my opinion. Buying Poema “Sing it Now” on amazon.com for $4.29 is definitely worth your money. “Sing it Now” is a solid pop record with subtle melodramatic pieces intended to provide the listener with a relatable subject, Love. Simply put, this record inspires the listener to seek out love, understand longing, and approach relationships with a humble heart. If I were 16. Yes, here is how we differentiate Brandon from the common Poema demographic….AGE. If I were a teenage “Lover” again, I might find more solace in these songs and especially if I were of the opposite sex. Unfortunately, I am a guy, married, and over the age of 30 so to me these songs sound a bit “innocent” if I can say that. Is there anything wrong with “innocent” mind? Of course not, it’s a fragile age and needs to be handled carefully as to not corrupt it. Therin lies the problem, our innocence has been stolen and replaced with hardened hearts. For some, they are world weary living in sorrow and hope is fleeting for many of them. It’s music like this that reminds us of the innocent heart and a mind that has not become hardened by age or societal issues. Sometimes, it’s great to take a seat and relax to “soothing” sounds about love and not be troubled by the world around us. It’s this simplicity that keeps “Sing it Now” on repeat for me. Even if I’m not a girl or a teenager any longer.


If you’re into the sounds of Taylor Swift, Meg & Dia, or Writing A Argumentative Essay. (Look her up), you’ll find something to enjoy in “Sing it Now”. Even if you’re a hardened, battle weary Christian, there is something to enjoy in this record. Oh and to those claiming Poema are just a “Christian” rip off of Meg & Dia, I challenge you to listen a little deeper and chill out. Sure, that influence is clearly heard on this album and was probably the deciding factor on the label signing this young act but they have enough skill to pull off a sound of their own and differentiate themselves from the thousands of nobodies and Taylor Swift clones. I encourage you to listen, learn, and be inspired by the music of Poema, if only for a few minutes of your time. You’ll be greatly rewarded.

    Score: 7/10

. Score based on shortness of album and the fact that this is a debut from a young group who have years to grow ahead of them. There is quite a bit of potential in Poema and I am clearly never wrong ;) Okay, not quite, but you get the idea.

Poema - Sing it Now, 4.0 out of 5 based on 5 ratings

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27 Responses to 'Poema – Sing it Now'

  1. schlottermann says:

    I suppose I could pick this up. They have a nice sound, but I’m just not into love songs about boys. I definitely couldn’t blare it in my car…or sing along. Not sure my wife would like that.

  2. Travis Aker says:

    I will not be picking up this album because it sucks period

  3. XWriting on the WallsX says:

    The fact is that the majority of the IVM audience doesn’t care about Tayloe Swift resembling music. There is also a lack of girls on this site and the guys sure wouldn’t dig love songs about boys. Not say this artist sucks though.

  4. Brandon says:

    There are female readers here at ivm, we can’t deny that fact. This review is for them. We can’t have testosterone laced music 24 hours a day right? Um, maybe we can. Ahh nevermind. You guys all know you want to cruise around town with the windows down, blaring “city boy” right? Lol.

    • XWriting on the WallsX says:

      There are some, but few. Seeing how i dont see many girl names with the comments.
      I’m not a city boy, and i don’t drive yet. I would be a Ohio city boy if my family didn’t move to live in the sticks when i was 12 months old.

  5. dan says:

    i have to admit i love this cd. but im pretty young. , @ 18. still, i would tottaly blare this in my car.

  6. NathanRAWK says:

    i think one of the best things to happen to me was when i decided to stop listening to only music with screaming (thankyou as cities burn). i now listen from everything to taylor swift and nevershoutnever to sleeping giant and bring me the horizon(i like the music, not the lyrics) and everything in between. i am a 17 year old straight edge hardcore kid and i love the song 2AM by poema :P

  7. http://www.essc.unt.edu/index.php?322 Can You Buy An Essay. says:

    I loved their demo CD and bought it. It’s brilliant. However, I heard ‘2AM’ and ‘City Boy’ and the choruses were just so offputting that I haven’t picked this up yet. I’m still not convinced. They’ve got amazing voices. I love the style. I just think lyrically they haven’t quite matured yet.

    I am 20 years old and I am male. (Just so you know).

    I love this kind of music though, so I don’t know what some of the above are talking about!

  8. http://www.au-fait.be/?descriptive-essay-about-school-violence Descriptive Essay About School Violence. says:

    some of this is good, but i wouldnt listen to it regularly like i do NeverShoutNever.

  9. http://americanmaint.org/annotated-website-bibliography/ Annotated Website Bibliography. says:

    I like this ep…and I thought indie music was supposed to break stereotypes about what we should and should not like…not just make new ones…they have some catchy songs and good personality

    • XWriting on the WallsX says:

      No one is judging their personality.. I think stereotypes are idiotic, but it is kind of weird for a guy to really enjoy love songs about boys. Not saying all the songs are about that but if the lyrics are really similar to Taylor Swift’s then if is weird for a guy to listen to the music allot.

    • Letter To Apply see. says:

      no it’s not. i listen to emery even though i don’t go through tons of really tough break ups. i listen to house of heroes’ the end is not the end even though i’m not a war veteran. i listen to hawk nelson even though i’m not into hockey. if a song is good, it’s good. if a girl is singing about a boy it helps me understand their perspective on the issue…and i won’t get cooties.

    • says:

      “i listen to hawk nelson even though i

    • Matt W. says:

      Lol, this isn’t really what I would consider “indie” at all. More like pop.

  10. Katie says:

    I’m a 17 year old girl and I am on your site all the time. I don’t comment rudely about all the metal and screaming music that you guys are so obsessed with here. If you don’t like Poema then fine. But you don’t have to discuss how you’ll never listen to it. @XWriting on the Wallsx — it doesn’t matter how old you are, your sex or anything else, if you like music listen to it no matter if it would be “weird” or not! lol
    and @NathanRawk , you’re awesome! i love listening to ALL kinds of music too! (:

  11. Tim says:

    Agree with Katie. It’s not weird to like music written about boys. It’s about the music. It’s about how catchy it is. And some songs might be universal and not mention gender specifically so you can connect with them emotionally. Other songs just make you smile. For example, Poema’s ‘Boys&Bugs’ from their demo is brilliant. I cannot fail to smile listening to that… despite it being about all the things they’d want from their perfect boy. It’s just an awesome little track.

  12. Saltine says:

    I like it.

  13. Jeremiah says:

    Haven’t listened to this yet but……I like the new Ortolan “Time On A String”. Good indie pop brilliance!

  14. TylerM says:

    20 year old male here. I really enjoy their music. I have the Demo CD and listen to all the songs on repeat including ‘Boys & Bugs’. I hate the stereotypes prevalent in the music industry. It’s not ‘cool’ for us to listen to Jonas Brothers or Lady Gaga so we won’t–even though we find a song catchy. You guys are seriously letting culture influence your music tastes.

    ~ Proud listener to August Burns Red, TDWP, RK, TFK, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Jonas Brothers, Eminem, and Queen

    Have no shame. Listen to what you enjoy.

    • XWriting on the WallsX says:

      There is nothing wrong with listening to Poema but it’s not for me. But by the way, why would you listen to Lady Gaga? Why would you want to listen to some chick who did a fake satanic ritual on MTV, a slutty mainstream pop artist, with auto tune as a major component in the music, talk about riding disco sticks? I mean really.

    • Ambition says:

      @XWriting on the WallsX
      People are allowed to have their own tastes in music. Thought that would’ve been established by now. Just because he likes the music doesn’t mean he agrees with the lyrics or what the artist does in her own time.


  15. Joel says:

    Okay, so I’m an 18 year old guy who’s into metal and hardcore, I love bands like Oh Sleeper, August Burns Red,MCMB etc… And yet I like this album. I bought the girls first ep before this one, and I have to say I think I almost enjoy it more. Sure their singing love songs about boys or whatever but hey, I’d like to think their singing about me… Hahaha. But seriousy they write catchy songs and sometimes I’m in the mood for something like Poema, Owl City or Lights. This might make me seem ” less hardcore” but I enjoy the music.

  16. XWriting on the WallsX says:

    Stupid comment, Ambition. I thought it would of been established by now that i am not being critical about people liking the music, nor did i say ANYTHING about what the artist does, as if i was judging a artist’s morals. This is getting old. Listen to whatever you want. Goodbye.

  17. Stephen says:

    You know, there’s just something about a girl with an acoustic guitar that I just love. I probably should check this EP out. Only listened to 2 AM, and it’s awesome.

  18. Jeremy says:

    Girls with guitars are HOT!

  19. Michael says:

    Hey guys, I’m new to this site but wanted to throw in my 2 cents. I have this album and its pretty good, though I am a little ashamed lol. They remind me alot of Swift and Colbie Caillat but its all in good fun. I can also see some of XWRiting on the WallsX ‘s perspective too. I too despise Lady Gaga (though I can’t get “Bad Romance” outta my head, Ahh!). At the same time, I’d say most people enjoy an artist for their sound. Lyrics are deff important but the very 1st thing you hear is rhythm and melody and all that jazz. Just sayin’. And for the record, I’m a 21-year-old male who listens to everything from Poema and Superchick to Underoath and ABR.

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