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September 1, 2020

Indie Vision Music Releases The Prettybads & What's Your Damage? "Split"

The worldwide release of The Prettybads / What’s Your Damage? “Split” happens today. Make sure you grab the digital files from our Bandcamp page here or from any other digital platform. CD’s are also up for pre-order via our Storenvy page right here. To find on Spotify just type in the band name then scroll down to “Appears on” and go through the compilations till you find the “Split”.… Continued →

August 23, 2020

The Prettybads & What's Your Damage? "Split" Coming From Indie Vision Music on September 1st

Indie Vision Music is proud to announce the long awaited “Split” release by two powerful, female fronted punk groups – The Prettybads & What’s Your Damage?. The “Split” album drops on September 1st through all digital platforms, bandcamp, and on CD. I will have some CDs for sale in the IVM store soon. Check out one song from each band below and preorder digital right here. Visit the band’s bandcamp stores here & here to order direct. Listen to “Jessica” by The Prettybads and “Dividing Lines” by What’s Your Damage?,… Continued →

January 14, 2020

REVIEW : What's Your Damage? - S/T

  It’s wild when a new band appears in the music scene and blows away the competition. That’s the case with What’s Your Damage? Generating powerful old school punk that harkens back to a classic ’70’s style. What’s Your Damage? is drawn into the top slot by the ultra talented vocalist, Quinn. Her style mirroring that of a young Debbie Harry, albeit with a trace of a flat tone, and it instantly commands attention. What’s Your Damage? self-titled debut album is brief, 8 tracks and just shy of a quarter hour, but it’s the songs that make this a big release.… Continued →