Indie Vision Music Releases The Prettybads & What's Your Damage? "Split"

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The worldwide release of The Prettybads / What’s Your Damage? “Split” happens today. Make sure you grab the digital files from our Bandcamp page here or from any other digital platform. CD’s are also up for pre-order via our Storenvy page right here. To find on Spotify just type in the band name then scroll down to “Appears on” and go through the compilations till you find the “Split”.

Two extremely talented and ferocious female fronted punk bands, to release new “Split” album on September 1st via Indie Vision Music and ZAP Records.

The Prettybads bring to the forefront a unique sound featuring influences ranging from Ramones, The Donnas, and Huntingtons while completely mixing it up with a little 50’s flair and making it all their own.

What’s Your Damage? keep it real with their original post-punk sound. They bring to mind those fabulous 80’s new wave punk sounds of groups like Blondie, Joan Jett, and Berlin while incorporating political (post)punk in their own unique delivery.

This “Split” is unlike anything Indie Vision Music has ever released. It is quite possibly the most original set of songs you’ve heard by two female fronted bands in years.

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