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February 6, 2021

Facedown Records Sign Bloodlines and Drop Brand New Song

A new band from Texas called Bloodlines, just signed to Facedown Records and have dropped the label debut song titled “Colder” which you can check out below this post. The band’s debut EP titled “HEVEL” is out this summer. What do you think? This is more than just good, this is GREAT. Go give these guys a listen. Oh and don’t forget to purchase a couple of clothing items in the Facedown Store for this band.… Continued →

August 6, 2019

Songs of the Day - August 6, 2019

Sorry guys, I don’t have a song of the day today. After wading through over four dozen new singles and a handful of new albums this week I was only able to narrow it down to thirteen songs. So here are your songs of the day:
  1. Pray for Sleep – Dear Death (feat. Hashu)
  2. Random Hero – Tension
  3. Bloodlines – Spiritual Warfare
  4. Built by Titan – Ghost
  5. Sink In – Drive 
  6. CLOUDLAND – Over Again
  7. Stillman – Shook
  8. LNYX – Beauty in the Breakdown
  9. Grant Owen – Everything Changes
  10. Crystal Rome – Island
  11. Jon Webster – Caught Up
  12. Tenielle Neda – No Fear in Love
  13. Eikon – Kingdom (feat.
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July 7, 2014

April 8, 2012