Songs of the Day - August 6, 2019

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Sorry guys, I don’t have a song of the day today. After wading through over four dozen new singles and a handful of new albums this week I was only able to narrow it down to thirteen songs. So here are your songs of the day:

  1. Pray for Sleep – Dear Death (feat. Hashu)
  2. Random Hero – Tension
  3. Bloodlines – Spiritual Warfare
  4. Built by Titan – Ghost
  5. Sink In – Drive 
  6. CLOUDLAND – Over Again
  7. Stillman – Shook
  8. LNYX – Beauty in the Breakdown
  9. Grant Owen – Everything Changes
  10. Crystal Rome – Island
  11. Jon Webster – Caught Up
  12. Tenielle Neda – No Fear in Love
  13. Eikon – Kingdom (feat. Temi Christina)

You can listen to all these song on the Weekly New Release Sampler. I even took time arrange them so they will flow smoothly from song to song (well, as smoothly as you can when going from hard rock to alternative to pop to worship). Enjoy!

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Graham Wall
August 6, 2019 10:50 pm

I enjoy how you included not only a “Song of the Day” tag but also a “SONGS of the Day” tag. You are sly and clever, yes.

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