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September 18, 2020

Song of the Day: Blaster the Rocket Man - Hopeful Monsters Are Dying Every Day

Film director Guillermo del Toro and spastic hardcore punk band Blaster the Rocket Man have at least one thing in common. Whereas most of society, and particularly within Christianity, monsters are usually the bad guys, these two artistic entities–operating in disparate fields as the case may be–often take the side of the monster. Pan’s Labyrinth, for instance, juxtaposes the kind but terrifying Pan against the inhuman, yet human, monsters of the Spanish fascists under Francisco Franco. Blaster the Rocket Man uses traditional monster and sci-fi imagery, all the while connecting these images to faith in Christ.… Continued →

June 15, 2018

Meet The Prettybads, Out Now!

The long awaited debut full length from the 50’s influenced Houston, TX. based punk rock trio – The Prettybads, is now here! The album released today through Indie Vision Music and is available through the entire digital marketplace as well as on CD/Tape from IVM right here and on Bandcamp here. Just a little note about the tapes, I should have them by next week and they will ship as soon as available. Anyone who ordered items with the pre-order tape will have their orders shipped out once product is available.… Continued →

May 14, 2013

REVIEW : Blaster The Rocket Man/Destroy Nate Allen - Split 7"

Whenever someone offers you the chance to review a vinyl copy of Blaster songs, you are required by intergallactic code #471.QZB to reply “Absolutely!”  So when Nate reached out to me inquiring about just such a possibility, I did my civic duty and replied with the above response.  A week later, I received a package with the dread-inducing return address of “DNA.”  Until I figured out that these were the initials of Destroy Nate Allen, I was mildly concerned that my world was about to change for (probably) the worse.… Continued →

June 18, 2012

Metaphysical Monday: The Monster Who Ate Jesus

You can file this one under the Classic Christian Albums heading for Metaphysical Monday.  Released in 1999, this album is second only to MxPx’s Life in General as far as Christian punk albums go (in my opinion).  While remaining fairly obscure in the underground, Blaster the Rocket Man created an album of incredible musical and lyrical excellence. The music of Blaster the Rocket Man was a mix of punk/horror punk and rockabilly.  It was eery and fast and fun.  Otto Bot’s voice had a giant dynamic range, swinging from a wolf-like growl on “I Like Lycanthropy” (fun fact: I once ordered 250 stickers with “Equal Rights for Werewolves” on them and sold them at the BTA merch table in honor of this song) to an almost Elvis-like croon on other songs.… Continued →