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August 28, 2022

August 25, 2022

June 24, 2017

A Hope for Home - Here, The End

Throwback Review 7: A Hope for Home - Here, The End

It has been years since A Hope for Home served us an album. I remember when “In Abstraction” dropped my freshman year of college. I got the email my preorder had shipped and it was the highlight of the week. Of course, that’s quickly approaching six years ago now. I’ve had plenty of time to listen to their discography and have actually found it to be their weakest album; on the same token, “Realis” is quite possibly one of my favorite albums ever and “The Everlasting Man”, despite its stylistic consistency, is also a pretty great album.… Continued →

December 2, 2011

March 25, 2010

January 28, 2009

January 21, 2009

REVIEW : A Hope For Home - The Everlasting Man

Artist: A Hope For Home Album: The Everlasting Man Label: Strike First Records Reviewer: Stephen M 01. The Covenant (2:11) 02. Iniquity: An Offering (3:53) 03. Affliction: The Witness, The Advocate (4:31) 04. Infidelity: Kingdom’s End (3:15) 05. The Exile (2:33) 06. Babylon: The Insatiable Thirst (6:08) 07. Absolution: Of Flight And Failure (6:28) 08. Masada: The Spiral Staircase (6:13) 09. Restoration: The Return From Exile (6:50) 10. Redemption: A Grief Observed (5:27) 11. The Thousand Years (1:18) I had no idea what to expect with the newest CD from A Hope For Home entitled The Everlasting Man, but what I found surprised me.… Continued →