A Hope For Home

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A Hope for Home

Can you give me an introduction to everyone in the band?
Ok, so here goes:
Nathan Winchell – Lead vocals
Matt Ellis – Vocals/Guitar
Tanner Morita – Guitar/Vocals
Dan McCall – Bass
Eric Gerrard – Keyboard/Programming
Ian Vidovic – Drums

How did A Hope for Home come together as a band?
We all played in bands together before AHFH and when our guitar player Kyle got a terminal diagnosis for his cancer we decided to start a new band in light of everything and it blossomed into what you know today as A Hope for Home.  Kyle passed away in August of 2006 but A Hope for Home continued on in his memory.

You guys have such a variety of music style, how would you describe it?
We all listen to a variety of music and we wanted to portray that in our music rather than just fit a predetermined formula.  We are always wanting to grow and experiment more and so hopefully you will see even more progress in the band to come.

What are some of the band’s influences?
Thrice, Sigur Ros, Isis, Thursday, As Cities Burn, This Will Destroy You, bands like those that aren’t limited to one genre and continue to grow throughout their careers.

Where does the inspiration come from for the songs you write?
We based our newest album, The Everlasting Man, on the G.K. Chesterton book of the same name, which you should check out.  We wanted to sing about and affirm value in things that aren’t often talked about in the current scene today.  We didn’t really think about it too much past saying what we wanted to say and a lot of our ideas lined up with what Chesterton talks about in the book.

What was the most encouraging thing to happen to you guys as a band?
Probably for us it would be getting signed.  Getting noticed outside of our hometown felt like a big accomplishment.  Also having so many things fall into place for us since we have been a band has been a big encouragement as well as made us feel like we are where we are suppose to be right now.  And whenever anyone comes up and buys a shirt, a CD or even just talks to us is a huge encouragement.

What do you hope a listener comes away with after hearing your CD?
At the end of the day we are just a couple of guys in a band writing songs which are no replacement for real meaning or truth in one’s life but we hope we can encourage and inspire people with the music we write.  We’ve put a lot of heart into our music and we hope that it is reflected when it is listened to.