IVM Presents: Grace and Thieves - Anointed for Burial (Featuring Greg Minier of The Crucified)

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IVM Presents: Grace and Thieves “Anointed for Burial (Featuring Greg Minier of The Crucified)” song stream. The song will appear on the band’s upcoming album “Shepherd of the Wolves” due out on Veritas Vinyl August 2nd 2013.

In Oregon’s capital city of Salem in 1999, punk/hardcore trio GRACE AND THIEVES emerged with a crusty, classic Neurosis-influenced sound featuring scathing dual vocals and blistering old-school thrash breaks. Founding members Jesse Parks, Mickey Widmer (both formerly of vinyl-prolific ’90s Portland band HARDSHIP) and Justin Riley teamed up to combine dark socially-commentative lyrics with speedy, abrasive bursts of anthemic hardcore, taking their intense and aggressive live sets everywhere from party basements and small venues to youth-group halls and living rooms across the northwest, disturbing the peace everywhere. After recording with Brady Greig (GUN PRO) at Corvallis’ RESIN 67 studios, various GAT songs began finding release spots on various vinyl and cd compilations for independent punk labels, including the infamous “Punk Tribute to Star Wars” seven-inch and the “The International Punk Rock Box Set”. Drummer Mickey Widmer moved on to join northwest metalcore outfits LUM and INKED IN BLOOD, and was replaced by Jesse Gilbert for the band’s Smegma Studios recordings. They disbanded in 2002. Ten years later, both finding themselves relocated to the four corners area of the southwest, Jesse and Mickey decided to return to the studio and resurrect their signature songwriting style for a brand new e.p. as well as a vinyl compilation release called “Kickin’ It Old School”, for Colorado-based label VERITAS VINYL. The label had just pressed an UNTEACHERS/GRACE AND THIEVES split seven-inch, using the band’s unreleased song “Wastelands”. Joining forces in the studio with Greg Minier of THE CRUCIFIED, Stephen Sarro of UNTEACHERS, Joey Trump of INKED IN BLOOD, and re-uniting with original vocalist Rick Donaldson of HARDSHIP, Jesse, Mickey, and Justin recorded this year’s “Shepherd of the Wolves”, a nostalgic, diverse seven-inch e.p. that juxtaposes blazing, crusty punk thrash with dark lyrics about religious deception and martyrdom, and promises to be their definitive release to date. It hits the gutter on August 2nd, 2013 through VERITAS VINYL and THIS BREATH NOW UNLIMITED. Pre-order packages are available online now!