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The Walking Tree - Glorious

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Artist: The Walking Tree
Title: Glorious
Label: Come and Live
Release Date:
Reviewer: Ryann Kunst


  1. The Shepherd
  2. Oh Brother
  3. Glorious
  4. Earthshaker
  5. Sparrows
  6. Oil Spill


Crap it makes me really irritated when I turn on an album and I can literally feel the talent in the band right from the first song, but hearing the mildly produced music just clashes with it. The Walking Tree’s vocalist is one of the best to come into indie / worship / rock in a long while. The first track “The Shepherd” proves my point on both aspects; you can hear his voice and how talented he is, and even the band as well but with the production being mild it clashes. Nonetheless, the first track is amazing. Beside the amazing vocals, the drums really stuck out to me, I am thrilled to say that drums on this album are well put together. On the track “Glorious” you can feel the essence of this band who they are becoming. Lyrically profound, musically enabled, and a heart that strives after a new generation of Christ followers. Hold on while I put this song on repeat. “Sparrow” is a song that I really want to hear live, because it’s raw, it’s powerful, the vocals are just meshed so well together with the guitar and drums I can’t even stand it, MUST SEE LIVE.

I know that this may sound bad to some, but I think what I’m about to point out is one of this bands strongest aspects, and I hope they don’t lose it along the way. This album, worship and all, is a dark felt album. I won’t elaborate I’ll let you listen and come to your own conclusion. The feel you can grasp from this album is simply profound. The final track “Oil Spill” is just the perfect tie on this present of an album. It’s dark feel, but worship out pour is the very thing that will make The Walking Tree into a well-known outfit.

Overall: Dark but with a worship essence. It’s completely refreshing, I just hope that they can find a producer who will benefit them and not take away from who they are. I strongly recommend this album, go download it at Come and Live. I don’t want to repeat too much or elaborate too much because I really want the readers to listen to this one.

RIYL: Ascend The Hill, Home is Calling, Frozen Ocean

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