Album Review :
The Great Transparency - Rebuild Your Love EP

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Artist: The Great Transparency

Album: Rebuild Your Love

Label: Razzbarry Records

Release Date: July 5, 2011

Reviewer: Eric Pettersson


  1. Intro
  2. Chaos Parade
  3. Fighting For
  4. Truth Be Told
  5. Rebuild Your Love
  6. Fireworks

How do you know when to use a word like catchy? By the way of some press releases, you would think catchy just means a song is kind of upbeat. Or maybe it means you can sing along to something easily? To me, these are some pretty weak definitions. No, to me, catchy means you hear a song once and a week later it is still stuck in your head. This is what happened to me with The Great Transparency and their song “Truth Be Told” off their latest EP, Rebuild Your Love. This tale of unrequited love has a chorus so darn catchy that after playing the album on my way to work, I was still singing those lines the next day. The Great Transparency’s brand of pop-punk is less sugary than a band like Eleventyseven, but not as hard-hitting as someone like MxPx. Instead, they find a comfortable, almost alt-rock middle ground amid artists like Cartel, Sick of Change, and The Classic Crime. While I’ve highlighted a song about romantic love, most of the album deals with God’s grace and forgiveness.

Overall: Recently soaring to the tops of Christian rock charts, The Great Transparency carve out their own space with catchy pop punk and some arena rock sensibility, producing a really clean sound filled with serious lyrics about life and faith. As for me, I’m interested to see what this new band can do with a full-length release. Until then, I say that this record is a solid effort.

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