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The Contact - Canvas Tears

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Artist: The Contact
Album: Canvas Tears
Label: 7 Spin Records
Release Date: Out Now
Reviewer: Josh THO

A well crafted album from start to finish “Canvas Tears” is a new hooky and mellow love of mine. Each song is like wrapping up in a warm blanket on a cold rainy day. The album’s smoothly sung lyrics of hope, cool synths, retro guitars and echoy drums ushers you from one song to the next seamlessly. In fact, some songs even flow from one to the next without stopping, pulling the whole project together. The music ebbs dramatically throughout the album lending each song the feel of a chapter in an epic journey. This second album for the Canadian band The Contact is an experience that deserves a listen to from start to finish. For fans of more earthy and melancholy pop acts like seabird, radiohead and muse “Canvas Tears” is a must have. My only criticism is the album’s 47 minute run time leaves me both emotionally moved and wanting more at its end.

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1. Black Sea

2. Canvas Tears

3. If I Fall

4. Wait for Light

5. Major Tom (Coming Home)

6. Where Do We Go?

7. Could This Be The End Of The Hiding?

8. Easy To Die and Hard To Live

9. My Divine

10. Anthem of a Refugee

11. Daylight

12. Return of The Sea

13. Wake Up