Album Review :
Southbound Fearing - The Arduous Task EP

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Band:Southbound Fearing
Title: The Arduous Task EP
Label:Red Cord Records
Release Date: May 16, 2010
Review By: Steve

Track Listing:
1. My Depravity
2. Luke 2:49
3. In My Weakness
4. Miles
5. So Much More Than Me

Southbound Fearing is an alt/rock band out of Toledo, Ohio that has just released their third EP and first on Red Cord Records. Their previous two EPs were independently released in 2007 and can be downloaded free on the band’s MySpace page.

The Arduous Task EP is first and foremost a guitar heavy recording. Southbound Fearing has a mid to late 90’s alternative rock sound to them. All of the tracks on the EP have a hard rock feel to them with some lighter sounding lyrics that have a little bit of pop sound to them. That being said, the music on the EP is well played and the vocals are pretty good as well. You can definitely feel the passion of vocalist Brady Leonard coming thru in all the tracks. It is this passion, not only in the vocals but in the music as a whole, that drives Southbound Fearing’s ministry. The lyrics are overtly Christian by design because the band is not afraid to share the Gospel and doesn’t want to take an “under the radar” approach to their music.

My two favorite tracks on The Arduous Task EP are “My Depravity” and their first radio single “Miles”. “My Depravity” is my favorite because it is the most upbeat song on the EP, and it boasts the best guitar work as well. I really liked “Miles” due to the lyrics and guitars. The lyrics really struck a chord with my personal life, “We learned how to run, but we never stopped to ask You where to go. We wonder why we’ve lost, the fire that drove us hear. We’re miles away from where we started, but we can’t seem to find the way. We’re hours away from falling apart, Lord, won’t You deliver me. Deliver me.”

Overall: This was an enjoyable EP. The heavy guitars and light lyrics are a great combination. If you are a fan of alt/rock, then Southbound Fearing is definitely a band that you should check out and support.

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