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Since Forever - Welcome To The Nightmare

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Band: Since Forever
Title: Welcome To The Nightmare
Label: N/A
Release Date: October 31, 2008
Review By: Scott L


01. Rule # 1 of Sound
02. Comeback of the Century
03. Champions of Norrath
04. Circled Areas Indicate Any Previous Damage
05. Bears, Bears of Cloverfield
06. Outro

Since Forever is a 5-piece alt-pop-punk band out of Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Can I say that again? Murfreesboro. That just looks like one of those word jumble puzzles that the newspapers carry for old ladies to do when they take a break from their knitting. But don’t worry, none of that has anything to do with Since Forever or their six song EP, “Welcome To The Nightmare.” Less rocking chair… more rock.

With a sound coming in somewhere near the likes of Yellowcard, New Found Glory, or Sparks the Rescue, this EP hits you on a number of fronts. Sonically, it swings from almost power-popish sing-along anthems to harder edged punk screamers. The guitars really carry things through, which is good because the vocals can come across a little bit strained here and there. He has a good voice, especially for this style of music, he’s just pushing it passed his natural range. The drums are nice and tight with some sweet, heavy kick and you can really feel the punk influence in the bass.

One thing that I thought was cool was that several of the songs on this EP build to a crescendo rather than just holding steady throughout. This lends a more emotional feel to the CD. And emotional investment along with honest, heartfelt lyrics is a recipe for longevity in this business. Take the lyrics from the song “Circled Areas Indicate Any Previous Damage”, for example: “it’s ok girl, you can trust me/’cause this might start to get ugly/but through all this, you’re still lovely/and if we start to fall, well then we’ll go down together/’cause His love, is sustaining/and in His arms, we’ll be waiting.” Integrity, romance, and hope in one song? Nice.

The standout track was “Bears, Bears of Cloverfield.” Not only is it a ridiculously catchy pop-punk song, but I’ve always been a sucker for songs that drop down to a single instrument and then slowly build back up by adding the rest one by one. Not to mention the song is like Relient K meets Jimmy Eat World. Seriously.

Overall: Since Forever may be a little rough around the edges, but that shouldn’t stop you from checking them out. This is a great release all the way through. And can I say it again? Murfreesboro.