Album Review :
Sheridan - Of Which We Fall

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Artist: Sheridan
Release: Of Which We Fall
Label: none
Release Date: March 2011
Reviewed By: BMer

Track Listing:

  1. Vagabonds
  2. Of Which We Fall
  3. Show Your Teeth
  4. Smooth Sails Bear No Strong Sailors
  5. Towers

Sheridan is a post-hardcore band from Denver, Colorado, their new EP titled Of Which We Fall features five tracks; three old songs and two new ones. Sheridan treat their band as their ministry, spreading the Gospel through outspoken lyrics and reaching kids who are looking for answers in the scene. Of Which We Fall sends a powerful message of man’s need of a Saviour through energetic passionate songs.

Sheridan sticks closely to the post-hardcore blueprint with eccentric guitar-work, clean melodic singing contrasted with intense growls, and some excellent drumming. Each song is creative, never spending too much time on one part but always keeping things interesting. The opener “Vagabonds” features a groovy riff during the verse, only to slowly build up in chorus “Who frees you from your sin when you say; I AM THE SEEKER!” Shortly after the chorus is a section of chorus/gang vocals that really brings some dynamics to the track.

A beautiful aspect to Sheridan’s songs are the bold lyrics, outspoken about the band member’s faith in Christ. In both “Show Your Teeth” and “Smooth Sails Bear No Strong Sailors” there is a bridge section during which scripture is read over some restrained ambient guitars. Reading scripture during hardcore music is not always the most effective way to reach kids, but it definitely lets everyone know where the band stands. There are bands that come off somewhat corny or forcing the issue of their faith, and because of that it makes it hard to reach a secular audience. Fortunately in Sheridan’s case, their brand of post-hardcore is excellent and the music stands firm in the genre, allowing their message to reach all fans of post-hardcore, or just hardcore in general.

“Towers” is the standout track on Of Which We Fall. It’s a song that Sheridan have played for awhile and they’ve tweaked it some over time. The intro with it’s vulnerable lyrics “we’ve made a mess of ourselves.” instantly get the listener tuned into the lyrical theme. The drumming on the track is excellent; at some point driving and heavy, while at other moments simple yet filling the space well. The outro is especially powerful, repeating the line “no sinners save themselves” accompanied by subtle choir vocals and some haunting sound affects.

OVERALL Sheridan combine groovin’ verses with edgy growls and heavy breakdowns on their latest EP Of Which We Fall. Excellent musicianship combined with bold, faith-based lyrics makes Of Which We Fall a great addition for fans of hardcore.

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