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One Hot Minute - the story so far

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Artist: One Hot Minute

album: the story so far

Release date: 7/25/2008

Reviewer: Tyler Hess

The title to this album sums up this album pretty well, as it seems like these guys do have a story to tell, but they could use a little bit more life to draw the story for us.  One Hot Minute is a pop rock band with a lot of potential, but need time and work to improve if they are looking to get on a label.  Don’t get me wrong, they have some enjoyable songs, but in limited amounts.  Its like this: I enjoy string cheese, it is a pretty tasty snack, but it pales in comparison to pizza.  Add a few more elements, a bit more originality and work into the music and they can get there, they just aren’t quite yet.

The story so far has some good songs on it, yet they do start blending together faster than you can count to three.  Did you just try to count to three?  Well, if you did, they were already blended together.  Indie Vision Music hosted one of their best songs on a recent compilation,  Fighting From the Ground Up 1, so if you downloaded that, good for you.  The opinion of the matter is that this album is nice, its enjoyable, but they need to mature and write more memorable songs to hit the next level.  The parts are in place, they just need to push themselves to greater things.  If I were you, I would start out by listening to My Kinda Town, No Regrets and Streetlights.


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