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Necroscopia Burial - O Inferno e um Lugar de Tormento e Ranger de Dentes

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Vociferator Entertainment

January 11, 2018

  1. Num Piscar de Olhos 00:08
  2. Se Imagine No Lago de Fogo Por 8 Segundos 00:26
  3. Cristo Voltará 00:13
  4. O Inferno é um Lugar de Tormento e Ranger de Dentes 00:22
  5. Buscai a Jesus Enquanto se Pode Achar 00:23
  6. Pensa Que Quando Chegar no Inferno vai Reinar Como Diabo? Sabe de nada Inocente 00:08
  7. A Queda da Maldição 00:47
  8. Doomsday 00:08
  9. Os Pecadores Arrependidos Terão Perdão 00:11
  10. Diz Que Quer ir Para Inferno Mas se o Clima Esquenta um Pouco Logo diz Que quer Morar na Noruega 00:25
  11. Pérolas aos Porcos 00:09
  12. Satanás Derrotado 00:16
  13. E Naqueles Dias os Homens Buscarão a Morte e Não a Acharão 00:25
  14. Todo Joelho se Dobrará e Toda Língua Confessará 00:25
  15. Glórias 00:36
  16. O Alerta (Faixa Bônus ao Vivo) 01:12

If you guessed by the band name that you were about to hear some grindcore, you’d be right.  However, what you might not expect from this Brazilian band is the type of grindcore they play (yes, there are multiple subgenres, but let’s not get into that)!  While the trademark elements are there—incredibly fast riffs, blastbeats, extremely short songs—the longest song is just one minute, 12 seconds and it’s the only song over a minute.  In fact, the whole album of 16 songs clocks in at just over 6 minutes!—yet there are loads of diversions from the fast + loud formula.  There are clean guitar riffs over blastbeats, and even some traditional rock and roll elements.  And, as is becoming more popular within grindcore, there are lots of experimental noise elements as well.  This is genuinely some of the most refreshing grind I’ve heard in a long time.  Highly recommended for fans of experimental noise, noisecore, and grindcore in general.

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February 9, 2018 1:22 pm

I personally have not heard a good Christian grindcore band since Tortured Conscience. There are a few I’ve come across but, they fit more in the death metal category than grind. It seems like alot of newcomers are more noise/experimental. I did like the clean guitar breaks though. Just one listeners opinion.

February 9, 2018 5:10 pm

Exhale is the only grindcore band that i enjoy.. But they’re not really “christian” even though its the band of the Crimson Moonlight drummer and he writes most of the lyrics.. (and their last album is bit more towards death metal).. will give this a listen 🙂

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