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Main Line Riders - Worldshaker

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Band: Main Line Riders
Title: Worldshaker
Label: Retroactive Records
Release Date: September 14, 2009
Review By: Scott L


01. It All Ends Tonight
02. Throwin’ Bones To The Wolves
03. Hell Ain’t A Good Place To Be
04. Through With You
05. Comin’ Home
06. Broken Hearted
07. Worldshaker
08. Power Surge
09. Chrome & Steel
10. Rhythm-N-Blues
11. We Are The Ready Ones
12. It’s A Revolution

Yeah… well… wow. This CD arrived unsolicited and unexpected. I had heard a good deal about Main Line Riders from Dale at Metal Pulse but had never had the opportunity to hear them for myself. On first listen, the influence of AC/DC is unmistakable. On second listen, the influence of AC/DC is almost overwhelming. While not quite the blatant rip-off that the classic band, X-Sinner, cashed in on, Main Line Riders’ sound is influenced to such a degree that the comparison is inevitable. However, this is more of a tribute to the past than an attempt at popularity through imitation. And while these guys may not start a revival of 80’s rock, “Worldshaker” was for the most part a pleasant reminder of the music I grew up on. From Kix to Accept, from Cinderella to Lillian Axe, it’s all there in it’s fist pumping, spandex wearing, bandana bound glory. I felt like tracking down a vintage “If It’s Too Loud, You’re Too Old” t-shirt on e-bay to complete the experience.

For the most part I had typically felt that I’d moved on from this style of music. But since receiving this CD, I realized that it’s not so much that my tastes have changed as it is that the market has changed. Aside from becoming a Christian and weaning myself off of the music that I had listened to prior to getting saved, the only time I really got much of a dose of flashback rock was at hockey games. So this was pretty cool.

Main Line Riders is a 5-piece out of Wilmington, Delaware that sounds a lot like AC/DC. Oh, did I already mention that? Well, bear with me, because chances are good I’ll be mentioning it again. Featuring a member of the punk band The Huntingtons and the metal band Grave Robbers, this strikes me as more of a full-time pet project than a part-time side project.

Lyrically, Main Line Riders’ sophomore release, “Worldshaker”, is pretty straight forward. The album’s message packs a punch on a number of levels. And given the fact that the CD’s 12 songs weigh in at a runtime of about 53 minutes, that’s a whole lotta punch. The title track “Worldshaker”, says, “hot wire / on fire / ya live high / but you’re livin’ on borrowed time / cheap thrills / bitter pills / rollin’ hard / but you’re ridin’ on broken wheels / it’s a meltdown / shaken to the ground / life taker / deal breaker / you kneel before the real worldshaker / muckracker / love faker / can’t run from the one worldshaker”. Or how about the CD’s opening track, “It All Ends Tonight”, which says, “heavy metal lightnin’ / sell your soul / all in the name of rock and roll / shootin’ star gonna burn out fast / in the lime light / black hole / put on your suit / put on your tie / dazed and confused / got to wonder why / slave to the grind / power lust / it’s a dirty lie”. These guys not only deal with life’s issues, but they seem to have fun doing it and aren’t afraid to throw in a tribute line or two.

According to Cliffy, Main Line Riders desire is “to bring an older style of hard rock music to an uninformed population.” And as far as I can see, they’re well on their way to doing just that.

Releasing through Retroactive Records come September 14, 2009, Main Line Riders are set to put the “retro” back in retroactive. So if you miss the days before energy drinks, xbox, MySpace, and every style of music having to have a subgenre ending in “-core”… you’ve just hit musical gold. And if you get a chance to see them live, word on the street is that “Worldshaker” just may be making an advance appearance at their merch table… like any day now.

Standout track was “It’s A Revolution”. A well-paced tune that… well, aside from reminding me of AC/DC, was just a fun song with a sweet tambourine line. “Hell Ain’t A Good Place To Be” deserves an honorable mention as understatement of the album.

Overall: Coming off a little bit forced, and probably not something I would want a steady diet of, if you ever entertained the thought of having your RATT t-shirts heirloomed and stored in the attic, just in case… this is your moment. Main Line Riders will turn your world around and shake you all day long. Find it, buy it, revel in it, tie that black and blue bandana around your thigh and don’t let anyone stop you. In the immortal words of the Killer Dwarfs, “stand tall, stick to your guns, show them what you’re made of!!”