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Love is... - Shelter EP

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Artist: Love is…
Shelter EP
Release Date:
Cimarron Hatch
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  1. Grace
  2. Dear God
  3. Shelter
  4. Eyes Closed
  5. Stay

Love is, a music ministry of vocalist/songwriter Brett Miller, strives to show others the love that can only come from God. Along with touring nationally, Love is has partnered with Come&Live! to make their album available and spread their message through that nonprofit. Miller, the Chico, California-native, explains the goal for Love is: “This generation is dying of thirst. The problem is a huge percentage of them have never tasted water. Our hearts’ desire is to go into the desert with a rainstorm. We are simply servants and wish to be viewed as nothing more.”

“Grace” opens the album. It’s a subdued worship song until it reaches the chorus and at that point overflows with passion. I also really enjoyed the drum work. A slow song called “Dear God,” which talks about a search for God and having the knowledge that we are never alone, comes next. The time signature is 3/4 (waltz) which makes the song feel more enchanting than a typical 4/4 song would sound. Next, the title track, “Shelter,” speaks about longing for a refuge and needing assurance that God is always present. “Eyes Closed” takes on an aggressive tone that reminds me of Wavorly’s style of music. The EP finishes with a soft acoustic song called “Stay.” This song is my favorite on the album because of the simplicity, yet fullness, that was created by having only Brett’s voice accompanied by acoustic guitar.

Overall: Love is’ Shelter EP is a nice collection of worship songs. The lyrics of each song are well written and sure to speak to the hearts of listeners. The instrumentation creates just the right feel to complement the stories told in the lyrics. In the future, I would like to hear more acoustic songs from Love is, because “Stay,” the most moving track of the five, is the only one on this album. Shelter EP can be downloaded for free on Come&Live! but donations are always welcome. It is also available on Bandcamp if you would like to purchase it.