Album Review :
Hazel and Vine - All Together Now

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Artist: Hazel and Vine

Album: All Together Now

Label: Ethos Records

Reviewer: Tyler Hess

It is time, boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, for me to make a blazingly rare outlandishly stupendous statement: This is the worst music I’ve ever enjoyed so much.

There. I said it.

I had never heard a song from Hazel and Vine before listening to this live show CD, but it didn’t take me very long to realize that this was indie pop rock with vocals that go out of key way too often, music that is pretty simple and lyrics that are at times a bit too immature, creating a sound that is almost impossible to not enjoy. It makes no sense. It probably never will make sense.

At the end of the CD there are three songs included that are studio recordings that showed that they could have a decent sound with proper production. However, contrasting it with the live show, it makes it even harder to understand why I actually get done with the show and want more. Perhaps it is because it seems like everyone is having fun at the show. Maybe it is because the banter between songs makes it seem like the vocalist is a genuine guy who is just having a good time playing for a bundle of friends. Maybe it is because the songs are cute and they get me to get over myself. It all equals up to chemistry. Sometimes bands are musically superior, but come off as arrogant and too full of themselves, wanting me to just block my mind from thoughts of such attitudes. This is pretty much the opposite. Many of my favorite bands (no, I’m not putting these guys in this category, just making a point) are my favorites not because they are musical geniuses, but because I feel like I make a connection with them. Bleach is known as a band that always wore their heart on their collective sleeve. Perhaps these reasons combined are what make this CD one worth a few listens. Maybe someone slipped me too many Nyquil pills in my breakfast, but I liked this. You can’t stop me.

Highlight Song: “Jenni”

Score: 7.5/10

Track List:


The Company

Safe & Sound


The Things I Have Learned

January Best Friends

Whether I Change With The Weather, Or Not


Fly By Kite

The Headline

Jenni (Studio)

The Company (Studio)

Travel Across The Country (Studio)