Album Review :
Grave Robber - Exhumed

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Band: Grave Robber
Title: Exhumed
Label: Rottweiler Records
Release Date: 12/4/2010
Reviewer: Rob J


  1. Army of the Dead
  2. They Hate You
  3. Altered States
  4. Fill This Place With Blood
  5. Lion Of Judah
  6. You’re A Mean One Mr. Grinch
  7. Reanimator
  8. Bloodbath
  9. I Wanna Kill You Over And Over Again
  10. Screams Of The Voiceless
  11. I, Zombie

          The first time I saw Grave Robber I thought to myself, “These guys are a Christian band?” Not so much because of the look in itself, but because NOBODY in the “Christian music scene” that I know of is doing anything like that. I mean, White Collar Sideshow comes pretty close, but this seemed over the top. So I took a deeper look at what these guys were about and was floored. Awesome idea, very inventive, with a punk sound ala Misfits, with lyrics pointing towards the Reanimator (you can figure that one out I’m sure), and it’s done well. Let’s jump in here and take a look at the band’s most recent release, Exhumed.

          Now, Exhumed isn’t exactly a cd of entirely new songs. You can find a good number of them on the bands prior releases, Be Afraid, Inner Sanctum, and The Shovel Is Family, but that doesn’t take away from this release by any means. “Army of the Dead” kicks the album off in old school punk rock fashion and from there don’t expect them to slow up any. The following track, “They Hate You” is actually a cover, the song was originally done by a band called F.B.S. and Grave Robber tears it up. One of my favorite tracks on the album. “Altered States” has a sort of anthemic punk sound to it and if you’re like me at all this song will set up shop in your brain for hours at a time. “Fill This Place With Blood” starts off kinda southern sounding and is probably the heaviest punk offering on the album, great track. “Lion of Judah” is a great song with an old school punk sound to it, and is a cover of a Our Corpse Destroyed song. Are you reading this review around Christmas? Well, you’re in luck! The next track and a great addition to your holiday listening repertoire is a cover of “You’re A Mean One Mr. Grinch”. An nice punk flavor on a holiday favorite that the Grinch himself would be in the pit for. In addition to these songs are demo versions of songs found on the other albums for that raw feel of the songs before they’re somewhat polished up. Put it all together and you’ve got yourself a cd that any punk fan would love. Not pop punk, but punk punk.

Overall: If you’re a fan of old school punk, bands like the Misfits, the Dead Kennedy’s, Rancid, etc…these guys will make a great addition to your CD collection. Another cool thing about these guys is their live show is amazing and really something to see, so if you have the chance, make sure you get out to see them, you’ll be glad you did!