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Eyes - Eyes EP

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Artist: Eyes
Album: Eyes EP
Label: None
Release Date: March 13, 2012
Reviewed by: Cimarron Hatch
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1. Peace Be Still
2. Father
3. Still Running
4. Water
5. I Made This For You

Eyes is an indie worship band from Colorado Springs, Colorado. The band is comprised of Dylan Roop, Hayden Trobee, Micheal Hensley, and Tyler Cuchiara. Their main musical influences include My Epic, So Long Forgotten, As Cities Burn, and Least of These. The band has poured their heart and soul into making this heartfelt worship record, and they cannot wait to share it with their fans and hopefully reach new listeners.

The EP begins with the song “Peace Be Still,” which has a really cool intro. The vocals are good, but they are fairly inaudible behind the music. I wish they were easier to hear, because I think this band has something to say. The next song, “Father,” has an interesting guitar riff in the beginning, but the tune might have gone on just a little too long at over 5 minutes in length. Then comes “Still Running,” which I found to be a very inspiring song about being rescued by God when you do not know where to turn. But again, I wish the vocals had been a little cleaner. “Water” is next. I really liked the guitar sound on this song, and the inclusion of a piano was a very nice touch.

The final track, “I Made This For You,” is another inspiring tune. It has some cool “whoa-ohh” vocals that make it a complete worship song, and also features a monologue by Oklahoma-based artist, Andrew the Poet. I am of the opinion that having a spoken word part in a song is rarely a good idea because it slows it down too much and may cause the listener to lose interest. If this song was not such a slow tempo to begin with, the spoken word could have possibly worked better. But perhaps Andrew the Poet’s appearance will gain some attention for this song and album.

Overall: I’m so glad to see this type of good music coming from bands in my local area! I think that this release from Eyes could gain some national attention for them due to their talent and current sound. My only complaint is that the vocals are hard to hear on a couple of songs, which is a shame because I really think the vocals are a strong point for this band. All in all, I believe that Eyes is a very talented band with potential for their music to take them places.