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Blood and Water - Blood and Water

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Artist: Blood and Water
Album: self-titled
Reviewer: Tyler Hess

It is always interesting when two seemingly drastically different genres of music are meshed together to form one harmonious piece of art.  It would be like watching a movie that mixes comedy, horror and romance all into one film experience.  Oh wait, they did that in the “Evil Dead Trilogy”.  That was an epic series of films.  I also have completely distracted you from my point.  Blood and Water have famously (not yet, they should be soon though, if I have my way) grafted in their reggae leanings with their pop punk stylings and morphed them into twelve songs of awesome.

That first paragraph had more turns than the indy 500.

Bob Marley, meet early Relient K.  Do your magic.

Blood and Water have been featured on a couple of our compilations here at IVM, so many of you will be familiar with a little bit of their work.  They really do take a similar approach to music as Relient K, with a healthy mix of fun music (“The Government Stole My Ipod” is about as much fun I’ve had listening to a song in as long as I can remember) and reflective music like “Undesevering”.  Yes, yes, I know the Dingees did something kind of similar back in the day.  This is more upbeat and fun than what I remember of the Dingees though.  So sit back, relax and have a good time with the album full of potential hit songs and spiritually reflective lyrics.

This album is legit.
Score: 9/10

Track List
1. Fire And Brimstone
2. Ahead of Myself
3. Alone in my Principles
4. Losing Ground
5. How the Westfold fell
6. The Government Stole My Ipod
7. Chord of Three
8. The Second Page
9. Dance Rock
10. Let’s Start Again
11. Undeserving
12. Refuge (outro)
13. bland track with no title
14. hidden track with no title