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Becoming Saints - Oh, The Suffering

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Release date: October 31, 2016
Record label: Rottweiler Records

  1. “Built for War”
  2. “Push and Pull”
  3. “Lost” (Feat. Bruce Fitzhugh of Living Sacrifice)
  4. “Oath”
  5. “Mother Teresa”
  6. “Vox Mortem”
  7. “Unbroken”
  8. “This Heart Yours”
  9. “De Paso”
  10. “My Fall Your Gain”
  11. “One Shot”
  12. “Time”

Metalcore, while being well over-saturated, still holds up. The genre has been around since maybe the late 90’s and has gotten better since. The band’s get heavier and faster but know when to drop a breakdown and melodic chorus, unlike some of the earlier ones. Becoming Saints is one of those bands that know when to drop a breakdown and a melodic chorus.

The album starts with the song “Built for War”. A great song to start out with. The vocals are brutal and the cleans are melodic and polished. The song is very groovy and has, what I would call the signature Becoming Saints “chugs”. The breakdown consists of these chugs and squeals and even a brief bass solo.

“Push and Pull” definitely shows the melodic metalcore side of them, with the beautiful cleans, but with the intensity of the uncleans. There are several effects on this album and there is a brief part of this song that reminds me of Emery.

“Lost” is the first single off the album. A very appropriate choice. The song is definitely brutal, featuring vocals from Bruce Fitzhugh of the legendary band Living Sacrifice. Interesting fact, Fitzhugh is Vocalist Drew Garrison’s uncle. The song shows melodic guitar work, clean vocals, double bass drumming and some industrial works.

“Oath” is very industrial sounding and grooving. The Cleans on this song are very beautiful, while the Growls are like those of Those Who Fear; Empowering. The song brings the melodic element. The lead-up to the breakdown is sick, but it’s less of a breakdown and more of a drum solo.

“Mother Teresa” features Mother Teresa. Or rather, recorded quotes from her. There is what sounds like synth and background noise of sorts but that is the only music.

“Vox Mortem” is a heavy one. The songs lyrics seem to be discussing a battle of sorts which makes it all the heavier.

I silenced death today! There’s nothing left in my way!

The double-bass on this track is great and runs most of the way through. There is no cleans in this song, but around the chorus, there is small portions of clean backings.

“Unbroken” is heavy as all gets out. Up till the chorus. Around the chorus, they give a very melodic piano sound. They break out of that, and buildup to a breakdown. No cleans here. The song is legit. The chorus is the only melodic sound on this song.

“This Heart, Yours” was on their EP Let This Not Be the End of Me but it sounds different. Heavy song but very melodic in the same. The chorus is a beautiful one to say the least.

I’ve been running from you for so long, and I’m tired.

Great song!

“De Paso” begins with an dubstep sounding kick drum. The track is instrumental and just exhibits the digital talents that they possess. The band could cross over if they wanted. The real, or more realistic, drums start around 1:30 with the plucking of the guitar. The drums stop at around 2:15 and the guitars soon after. Beautiful.

“My Fall, Your Gain” is another track from their EP. Heavy intro. The song is definitely a defining one among their sound, with melodic and heavy elements, but if you’ve already heard it, this song is nothing new. Sounds similar to As I Lay Dying in my opinion.

“One Shot” is another melodic and heavy song. Guitarist Kory Olson’s vocals are beautiful. He could become a pop artist if he wanted. I’m sure of that. The song has a female vocalist singing a line and Olson responding to the line. An odd thing to do, but it makes the album all the prettier.  I don’t know who she is though.

“Time” is the final song on the album. It begins with just Olson’s cleans. Very short. The song is acoustic. Great way to end the album.

Overall, the album is a new sound. The album is sick and melodic. Though the album is definitely killer, some songs clash together as the guitar sounds are basically the same tones. But beyond that, great debut.

For those who like: Living Sacrifice, As I Lay Dying

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February 3, 2017 9:17 pm

I don’t know if I like it yet or not. The cleans, I’m not the biggest fan. I’ll listen a few more times before deciding, though.

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