ZAO Reissues Original All Else Failed Recording on Vinyl, CD, Cassette

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ZAO is reissuing their classic mid 90’s debut “All Else Failed” with new mastering job and redone artwork, through Steadfast Records. Steadfast Records is owned and run by Matt Traxler who is a former member of Six Feet Deep, Brandtson, and a ton of other bands over the years. The label has had a resurgence of sorts and has been re-releasing their old albums in Digital format and now physical media. Pre-order this ZAO album in a few different bundles right here. [Thanks Seth D.]

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Phil metalhed
March 15, 2018 11:43 pm

Nice, altho i prefer the old stedfast logo. Now can we get a 6fd or brandtson reunion pweez?

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