War of Ages - Cut Throat (Lyric Video)

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The insanely talented metal(core) band, War Of Ages, returns with their politically charged new anthem titled “Cut Throat”. The song and it’s lyrics are basically an answer to all the movements on both sides that incite violence and hatred without offering any clear direction. It’s a hopeful call to arms in a biblical sense and doesn’t hold back lyrically. This is a band that has always stood for what is good and right and clearly points people towards a biblical worldview without being ashamed. Bold and unafraid, ready to share in love and out of a love that comes from a relationship with our savior Jesus Christ. Musically it’s heavy hitting, explosive and abrasive metalcore with a message the world definitely needs right now. This my friends is “Cut Throat”.

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Austin Garrett

This is the best metal song I’ve heard this year!