Thumper Punk Records Drops "Covering Legends"

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Today, Thumper Punk Records released a video/audio of a project titled “Covering Legends”. The video features punk artists from various bands (see below) covering  Officer Negatives “Don’t Turn Away”, Dogwood’s “Feel the Burn”, and The Crucified’s “Your Image”. Check out the video below and get the download, available HERE.

Officer Negative – Don’t Turn Away
Jet Wilson of CPR (vocals)
Peter118 (vocals)
Albert Padilla of Reliance AZ (guitar)
David Robledo of The Hoax / Heart Like War (bass)
Aaron Wells of True Liberty

Dogwood – Feel The Burn
Sef Idle of False Idle / uniSEF / The B-Listers (vocals and guitar)
Ron Ruhs (guitar)
Luis Carlos Medeiros Jr. of Living Fire (bass)
Matt Lagusis of The Old-timers / The B-Listers (drums)

The Crucified – Your Image
Chad Sengstock of Cross-Check (vocals and guitar)
Jimmy Sisco of ABSOLVED / Platoon 1107 (guitar)
Joshua Lory of Cast The Dragon (bass)
John Carroll of Pleading Guilty / Jump Ship Quick (drums)

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