The Young Escape Bring on the Nostalgia With New Song "Turning My Heart"

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[Lyric Video below] This really great young new group called THE YOUNG ESCAPE, has been drawing more attention online lately and through strong word of mouth which has led to their recent signing with BEC Recordings and a brand new song called “Turning My Heart”. Upon first listen to this wonderfully made new indie-pop-rock song, you are transported out of your musically lackluster and boring, bland same old song existence. There is a certain familiarity here and they wouldn’t be without praise from radio/media but something about this song strikes me as fresh. The Southern California based four piece are a sort of family band featuring all 4 siblings with alternating roles and instruments. They are young, yes, but for this to be their first nationally released song on BEC and the fact that it just sounds so good is a tremendous fete. Not only is this just a great song with strong pop hooks and focus, the lyrics are so far deep in nostalgia that you’ll just need to listen to listen for all the references to sink in. I’m not going to list the artists and songs named dropped here but if you listen closely, you’ll get it. Think of a more Echosmith meets Taylor Swift meets Paramore and For King & Country. You may think it is sappy and out of place on Indie Vision Music but I encourage you to dig deeper into the simplicity of it all but covered in layers upon layers that the you the listener can peel back. Kudos to BEC for signing this band and great job to The Young Escape for their first BIG single! Listen below.

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