The Many Adventures of The Joneses and The Jesus Music Film (2021)

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Well, we just returned from a wild week at Great Wolf Lodge here locally in So Cal. We spent countless days at the water park and even Knott’s Berry Farm as well as spending precious time with my wife and children. We even had our oldest son Brayden stop by for a bit on last Thursday. Overall, was a great time spent with family and unforgettable memories were had. My wallet still aches but well, what did I expect lol. I have some pics/vids up on my private Instagram so check it. So now that I have returned to business as usual, I have lots of music related news to share. Continuing this theme of reliving the past and moving forward is news about an upcoming film due out later this year. The film is titled “The Jesus Music” which is a 2021 film produced by the same team that did “I Can Only Imagine” and “I Still Believe”. It is being released through Lionsgate and shows the impact of Christian music through the eyes of the very people who’ve lived and breathed it. The film covers all eras of Christian and Gospel music from the 1950s through what we have today. You can watch the trailer for it below and get a taste for what’s to come. Of course they would include some of the biggest chart toppers of yesterday and today but my hope is that a little more of the “rock” side will slip in and maybe a Tooth & Nail/Indie Christian mention or two. I see Stryper in the preview so there is a good chance. This a really refreshing look at music that has impacted millions and offered so many of us a place to fellowship with one another not to mention develop a community that still has a place in our society. Check out the trailer below and follow the film on social media at @jesusmusicmovie . “The Jesus Music” is out this fall through Lionsgate and in theaters worldwide.

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