The Legacy of Christian Artists

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This is an amazing article and I understand the sentiments so clearly. This is something that has weighed heavily on my heart too. I’ve made like minded statements around the web the past several years similar in ways to which this article is written. The notion that the passing legacies of once great artists seemingly gets forgotten, rings true in the hearts and minds of us aging fans and rockers. All those artists who’ve decided to call it quits over the past 30+ years (I can list tons of names) shouldn’t be forgotten or for their albums and art to go out of print. Like the article says, so many “old hits” are being repackaged and re-released on vinyl, CD, cassette, digital and yet “Christian” music is left to literally die in the budget heaps of Goodwill and thrift stores across the land. Even in the underground marketplace of independent labels and what not, tons of albums 10+ years or more are being celebrated and repackaged. I never would have thought albums by bands like Hum, American Football, Temple of the Dog, Harvey Danger, Handsome, Texas is the Reason, Quicksand, Sense Field, My Chemical Romance, The Used, Yellowcard, etc. would be re-released in special anniversary editions. But there you have it, where there is “art” there is a consumer and market place for said “art”. Some more celebrated than others. It’s also a trick of marketing and some of these artists have a great marketing angle behind them leading buzz and word of mouth. Anyway, great article.

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